We're moved into the van, but not exactly living in the van...

Our whole lives are packed into Mark. He is our home now. Kind of.

We’re currently in an extended transitionary state because of unforeseen circumstances. First, there’s this ‘rona (coronavirus) going around. Second, there’s stuff I’d rather not discuss because it makes me high-blood-pressure angry, so we’ll just call it…Sam. We stayed in the house longer than anticipated, waiting on Sam. Sam has yet to come through for us. With no jobs it’s hard to pay a mortgage, hence moving into Mark and freeing up the house to be rented out. One problem solved (providing we find renters, thanks ‘rona).

Nothing like waking up at a trailhead after sleeping in the back of Jack (my VW Sportwagen).

Now to move all three of our vehicles across the country with only two of us.

Since Mark will pretty much be parked on my friend’s farm as a stationary home for the next four years, we decided to keep my car and his truck. Because of my extreme dislike of driving simply to get from one place to another, Jeremy, being the wonderful, thoughtful husband that he is, offered to drive both vehicles across the country before the two of us drive Mark to his new parking spot. However, Jeremy is only one man and can only drive one vehicle at a time. Mark and my car (his name is Jack, by the way) can’t live in the driveway if we’re trying to rent out the house. Instead, they will live in my sister’s driveway.

My sister’s place is perfect. Not only can I spend more time with my family before moving thousands of miles away, I can also work on Mark! The van doors need finishing and a few more storage solutions could stand to be built. My brother-in-law has all the tools and space I need to finish the van while Jeremy bounces between the coasts. Ideally, by the time he returns from dropping Jack off, Sam will come through for us, and we can mosey on over to Oregon, taking our time to see friends and family along the way. Ideally.

Jeremy walking the cat at my sister’s house. You can’t beat that view!

On a side note, while this ‘rona pandemic is truly unfortunate in so many ways, it is good for moving. Social distancing, working from home and no school means hardly any traffic on the roads – perfect for cross country drives! The economic downturn is pushing gas prices down – cheaper to drive across the country! Social distancing also means less travel – cheaper plane tickets! Plus, with all the layoffs and minimal hiring going on, it’s the perfect time to rock the van life.

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I served 11 years in the Navy, and in 2014 I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail. These experiences helped prepare me for vanlife. My husband and I now live in our self-converted van, Mark.

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We left “normal” life behind and now live in our self-converted van, Mark. Our time in the military and backpacking adventures made vanlife an easy choice. The leap into vanlife and a self-conversion can be exciting yet daunting. We want to share our experiences and provide resources to give you vanlife your way, and the highway.

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