Money, money, money

Van life is cheap, but it ain't free. We have a plan to make the money!

Even though van life requires far less money than structure living, we still need money. Insurance (vehicle and health), cell phones, vehicle maintenance, cat supplies, food, entertainment, fuel money, travel, etc. Don’t worry — we have a plan!

Jeremy’s kids live in Washington, and we want to be close to them until the youngest graduates high school in 2024. Our goal is to be parked at my friend’s hemp farm in Oregon by the end of April, ready to work.

We’ll work on her farm, as well as surrounding farms, for planting season in May and June and harvest in the fall. The money we make during those 4-5 months should be enough to pay our way for the entire year. My friend is willing to trade some work around her property for “rent” and our portion of the electric bill.

My friend’s awesome hemp farm, and our future home!

Making just enough money to get by is all fine and dandy, but about the future? After the youngest graduates we’ll hit the road full time. I want to have a little something-something saved up so we don’t have to work for a while, giving us an opportunity to settle in a nomadic lifestyle. I also would like to start saving for the next Mark because the green machine won’t last forever!

After harvest we plan to work at a ski resort for the winter season, and the timing is absolutely perfect. Right around the time harvest ends, ski season starts. Right around the time ski season ends, planting season starts. Not only will we make extra money to save, we’ll also have a warm place to stay over the winter (employee housing).

Even with all this working, we’ll still have a couple nice summer months to spend with the kids and for adventure and travel in Mark. Our plan almost sounds too good to be true, so we’ll see how it actually works out and keep you posted!

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I served 11 years in the Navy, and in 2014 I thru hiked the Appalachian Trail. These experiences helped prepare me for vanlife. My husband and I now live in our self-converted van, Mark.

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We left “normal” life behind and now live in our self-converted van, Mark. Our time in the military and backpacking adventures made vanlife an easy choice. The leap into vanlife and a self-conversion can be exciting yet daunting. We want to share our experiences and provide resources to give you vanlife your way, and the highway.

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