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jeremy and christina by van

Hi! I’m Christina! Jeremy is my husband, Oreo is our cat, and Mark is our self-converted van. Working away our “good” years sounded like a waste, but to work less you need to spend less. That’s where Mark came in, saving us from rent/mortgage and utilities. Now we can do more of the things we love – hiking, fishing and exploring this beautiful country of ours!

Our Story

The rest is more my story than Jeremy’s since I (Christina) do all the writing 😊.

In high school I moved out of my folks’ house into a small one-room cabin behind their restaurant. That was my first downsizing experience. I only brought clothes and school-related stuff with me. Living in the cabin was lonely. As a result, I often packed a small overnight bag and crashed with friends throughout the week.

The Navy

I joined the Navy right out of high school, in 2001. My small cabin seemed big compared to my barracks room, but I made the most of it. However, my barracks room seemed huge compared my bitty bunk on the aircraft carrier. Still, while underway I had everything I needed to live and be happy crammed into my rack and stand-up locker. Jeremy also served in the Navy, but he spent his underway time on submarines. He is an expert at living in small spaces!


Two years after separating from the Navy I packed everything I needed to live in a backpack. I spent six months living out of that backpack thru hiking the Appalachian Trail. This was a turning point and the true beginning of my journey towards van life. You can read more about it in our first blog post. You can also read more about the pains of our van conversion and our mission for Mark the Green Van in this blog post.


Between the Navy and personal travel, I’ve traveled to 19 different countries. On personal trips, I rarely bring more than a backpack with me, regardless of trip length. My experiences and travel taught me how little I need to live a happy life. Consequently, this translates quite well into van life.

Van life

We started living the van life in early 2020, so it’s only the beginning. We’re both excited to see where Mark takes us! The road ahead is full of possibilities, growth opportunities and adventure! That is, once the ‘rona calms down…

Our Mission

Like a welcome center along the road, we want to provide you with great resources to help you get from zero to van life. This blog is for you. If there’s anything van life related you want us to cover, let us know!

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